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For those keeping score... I am sending the movies back in NEW envelopes to Netflix. Todays return was the first 2 episodes of Deadwood. Really liked this show and suspect the same person who did the opening music for Carnivale composed the music for Deadwood. I am still miffed about the rather anticlimactic ending to season 2 of Carnivale.

Picked up take and bake pizza and the youngest nephew this afternoon. Much better behavior today. Cleaned the kitchen and made another dish for sis. Little J was mighty cute tonight playing his video game as I got up to go. He had been trying to kill a pair of monsters with all his Jedi might and I kept suggesting combinations of Jedi powers. I watched him bite it about 20 times in a row and he wanted me to stay. Told him I've already watched you get toasted 20 times. He was sure I would help him get it next time.

Finished 8 more wedding fans while the boys played outside. I am so pooped. Did some research on Guys and Dolls as the middle school director has told the kids to go out and buy costumes. Trying REALLY hard not to get involved. H is playing Lt. Brannigan and I was pretty sure the police costume she chose was about 15 years too early. Decided to print a few images out and send questions as sis is panicking about costs and no one mentioned at auditions the kids had to buy their costumes. In a bit of bad timing I gave away a lot of my hats and will need to find a good cop hat and possibly build a uniform. Just one costume..

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