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Joyeux Noel is a story that combines more than one real life instance of enemy fraternization during World War One. Very touching film about a Christmas night 1914 in the trenches.
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Watched an Incredible documentary from Netflix earlier this week Watermarks. It makes me sad how much history falls by the wayside. Had no idea there was a Jewish sports club in Austria going back to 1909. I found this story interesting from the standpoint of how we all choose to deal with pain and disappointment. One woman is SO bitter and her life is consumed by the bitterness. Another gal now living in the UK embraced her second chance at life by escaping the Nazi's. She is sharp as a tack in her 80s, loves life, and though she mourns the loss of SO much she doesn't let it consume her. It was just another reminder for me of how you can live with "I've been done wrong" and never let it go or acknowledge it, move on, and not stop living life.

Really should be updating new films. Have a desire to see Orlando again after a discussion about the winter queen and king out of a book hubby is reading. This movie is a must see for the eye candy of Tilda Swinton alone. The incredible costumes, spectacle, and great soundtrack are bonuses. Its now on my Netflix list for next week.

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