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Finished the wedding fan favors and will send them out tomorrow. Can't wait to see photo's of all this finery. All of you folks toting digital cameras better post some pics on Monday!

Got the pre-sale flyer for the touring production of The Lion King in the mail today. I don't even want to think about how much I spent on box seats..cuz it makes me a bit queasy! We haven't been to a major touring production since Phantom and Les Mis were the big names. My sis and the boys have been salivating to go so I bought tickets for the 3 of them to see the show the next afternoon. Told sis the good seats were going fast and she now had until September to pay me back. What is up with all the event fees to see a show? The theater took a $15 per person facility fee for our tickets!! They will mail you tickets for free but charge you $2.50 per ticket to print your own tickets! It should be free to print the tickets at home. Grrr....my cheap grumble for the night.

We are still watching season 1 of Deadwood and can't believe how much we enjoy this show. I couldn't wait for Netflix to sort out my envelope debacle so we had to visit the evil Blockbuster to satisfy our fix. The clerk asked me if I liked the show. Told her yes, only if you are easily offended by swearing...this is not the show for you. She told me everyone else said the same thing! LOL!

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