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Planning on sending [livejournal.com profile] dravas journal Friday as [livejournal.com profile] metamorphmuse wouldn't be able to pick it up until next week. The reality is...its going to be until Friday before its all dry! Yes, I am a glaze junkie...and lost count at layer 9 on one page. The depth of layers from subtle color shifts is addicting. Its the same sad thing with fabric painting. No one can tell looking at a costume up close that it went through umpteen layers of paint, resist, and distressing but the result is an indescribable... depth! The down side is the drying time in between and my inability to stop adding layers. Stop me before I glaze again! LOL!
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When an artists pen says its water proof...and you give it 48 hours to dry....only to discover its not...thats bad. When its an entire page of hand written text in someone else's journal....really bad. Might just go with it being a blurry memory I am writing about. : 0(

To add to my feeling of stupidity....as I am cleaning in the basement tonight....I find a box that should have gone to Artfest. A huge assortment of I kan'dee brand mini pendant frames and old style bubble dome memento holders. Very cool..just totally forgotten. That means this box didn't make it in to last years inventory. Can't find the receipt. Grrrrr.
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Sent out a bulk e-mail about the next swap phase with shipping info on each person. Please check for accuracy.

Now, a word about creativity, expectations, and a gift. I've heard concerns about feelings of inadequacy and skill levels. The reason I picked this group was the varying talents and everyone will contribute something different and valid. Each woman has a great vibe that has inspired me . Its not a competition just a chance to share that vibe. If you paste a photo of yourself in my journal and tell me about yourself thats all it has to be. :0 ) No stunning origami pop up articulated show stoppers required! Stories of my life in pictures and text is what I am putting in each journal...if it makes it easier pick one theme you share or image in each journal. Don't over think it! Every piece of work we get back in our books is a gift and as a gift I am so grateful with what ever you share with me. I too am guilty of feeling inadequate but what I share ..is shared with love....and its hard to go wrong with that! :0 )

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