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Jul. 20th, 2017 09:53 pm
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Today was the Botox injections day. A total of six injections, one on each side in the muscles at the base of my skull, temple, and jaw. My headache (which had come back sometime last night) started lessening after the first two injections. Now? Now it is COMPLETELY gone. No trace.

Being completely headache-free is WEIRD. Awesome, absolutely! But weird. It's been a very, very long time since I've had that. (Like, years. I don't actually know how long.)

Nothing in my face feels odd or frozen, and I can move it like normal. (So, like a cartoon character, really.) Dr. Ryan the awesome dentist said that I should give him updates over the next couple of weeks, whenever I feel like it over on FB, and OMG we need to go makeup shopping together.)

(He also correctly identified which bunny I brought with me for emotional support. (Merricat.)) I LOVE DR. RYAN WITH A PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

No headache. NO HEADACHE.

The next step is to talk to my doctor and get her help in convincing the insurance company to pay for this treatment every four months. If they won't, then I am seriously considering squeezing the household budget to pay the over-thousand-dollars ourselves, because this feeling is worth it.


In Shallow Fashion Craving news, I showed the Stroppy One that skirt from Amazon that I posted here the other night. He Did Not Approve of the graphic design. He liked the idea in theory, but felt the actually quality of the rose print was lacking. This is part of the fun of being married to an artist - they will give you useful feedback when you're looking at fashion.

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Jul. 20th, 2017 04:12 pm
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Reincarnation Blues, by Michael Poore. Random House, 2017

In this tale, souls get 10,000 chances to reach perfection. If they achieve this, they go into the great cosmic soul forever; bliss, but with no individuality. If they fail, they are obliterated forever. Most people manage it in significantly fewer than 10,000 lives. Not Milo, though- Milo is at 9,995 and it’s not looking promising. Milo knows this- at least between lives, he does. During the resting period between lives, a soul is fully conscious of all their lives. In Milo’s case, two spirits (deities? Avatars?), Ma and Nan, aid (mostly by harassing) his journey to perfection. Also with him between lives is one of the many avatars of death, Suzie. Suzie and Milo are in love. They want to find a way to stay together. Also, Suzie wants to stop being death and open a candle shop.

We follow Milo through a number of his lives. Lives can be as anything; trees, kings, cats, pirates, slugs, slaves, male, female, poor, rich, whatever. He comes *close* to perfection, but somehow always screws it up at the end. The lives are pretty interesting; short tales of near perfection in a prison, turning around the human race on a different prison world where the Water Cartels run everything; and tiny tales, a page long or less, of marching in Selma Ala., and hiding a cache of Polish pornography from the Nazis. Some tales of being not so nice a person. He also has adventures between lives, too- the afterlife is quite a busy place. The whole book is a collection of short stories, with Milo (he tends to keep that name throughout) as the star of them all. Some parts are horrific, some are very funny- his style reminds me of Christopher Moore (and, at times, of certain periods of Robert Heinlein’s work)- but for some reason, Milo never seems to take anything seriously. It made it a little difficult for me to really feel for him. Suzie isn’t around enough to make a real connection with her. I really enjoyed the book- it’s a lot of fun!- but for some reason I just can’t make it five stars. Four stars out of five.

the fire works are illegal

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:56 am
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work up in a knot
I'd fallen asleep on a
a pillow it was awful.
straighted out and slept the pain away.

got a call from Lily.
one less dog in Barking Howler
the neighbor had to help her bull dog die.
gus inherited treats.

found out via her son who was drunk
and there at the night of the fiasco-
drunk they screamed it was their right
to blow up fireworks, and I had no say.

turns out the fireworks they were shooting
in dad's & susan's yard are illegal, the Deputies told them.
think they got a verbal warning.
those expensive buggers that leave the ground.
That's the reason they've not been shooting off more.

I tried to talk to them
I could have called the cops.
and reported 'criminal' activity by a convicted felon.
it takes a weight off me.
but I won't try to talk to them, no apology.
no more trying to be a good neighbor-
they are not friends just selfish drunks.

M has done rescue runs for them-
he'll go back again but no help from me.

they probably went into shock wondering why they
could buy them if it's not legal to blow them up.
probably written in the small print.
the fireworks stores won't tell them that.

Mom called to give mike dr's appointments dates and times.

Stressa was told to stay home from work
her blood pressure was too high making her sick
she's cutting out drinking Coke.
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Yes? No?

On the one hand: B&W stripes! Giant red roses! Oooh, it's all very Night Circus, isn't it?

On the other hand, I can't tell if this is too busy. Plus, while it's a full skirt, it's also 100% polyester.

But let's be real here, I'll probably end up buying it.
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One problem with this new-ish fascination for vintage floral print full skirts is that so many of the sellers on Etsy and eBay use a slur in their description. I know they're clueless and think it evokes a free-spirited air, but dammit.

With that bit of venting out of the way, these are different ones I'm idly contemplating. (All images hotlinked from the various Etsy listings, because apparently that's an okay thing to do now, especially because places like Etsy are never going to run out of bandwidth.)

I really like this one.

The print is beautiful in this, but I'm not sure about the mix of colors?

This is probably my least favorite, mostly because it's similar to the skirt I have that kicked off this whole fashion tangent.

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Jul. 19th, 2017 01:07 am
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Today's wake up call
20 questions
trying to figure out
the fone number mom needed.
first she said it was the dentist
but the position of the shop
was the eye dr.s
never heard back.

made waffles and strawberries for breakfast.
then mini pizzas for dinner.

I've been working on peice work.
the points are a problem

ghosts stories

went to the dog yard and a bunny was in it?
bigger than the dead one sirius let me.

I've been listening to "the elementals"
and the grandmother says "don't you have any scruples?' that made me wonder-
what does a scruple look like?,
Can you gather scruples and put them in a bag
to give them out to people who don't have any?
Can a person gather too many scruples?
when does a scruple become a vice?
Morals fall into the same category, as scruples.
if you have a sampler for a moral what would it be?
would you add your scruples to it?
are people sticklers for scruples?
what shape of critter would a scruple take?

time to crash
sweet dreams world
thank you for the rain
its starting to look like a jungle.
you are beautiful stars
come back moon
don't be shy
we miss you <3

So that's a thing

Jul. 18th, 2017 07:52 pm
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Today I had a long-overdue dentist appointment, mostly for a cleaning and checkup. It was overdue because I've been busy and incapable of scheduling things, not because of any apprehension. I LOVE my dentist. As in, I have gone out for drinks with him and his hubby, because I adore him so. He's charming, sarcastic, and incredibly good at what he does.

After the checkup part was done, he asked me a bunch of questions about my (usual type of) migraines, then did some pressure tests on my jaw, temples, and the base of my skull. After I winced away from all of them, he said, "So yeah, your migraines? Probably tension headaches, because girl, you are tense".

Then he said he wanted to try something to double-check his theory, but that it would be "Fuck my life painful" for a few minutes on each side. But I trust him, so sure. Then he stuck his thumb into my mouth on one side, gripped the outside of my jaw, and applied what felt like an appalling amount of pressure. The pain rivaled the migraine that sent me to the ER, and then lessened after a few minutes. Then he did the same thing to the other side.

After he did this torture, my migraine went away. No, you don't understand. I have had some level of migraine pain every day for MONTHS. (Yes, I mostly just ignore it, because what other option was there that wasn't medication that left me a zombie?)

It turns out he has the same sort of issues, and after a lot of research, found the treatment that works for him, which is a fuckton of Botox injections in those three muscle groups. Guess what I'm doing on Thursday afternoon?

I won't lie: I'm kind of freaked out by this. Buuuuuuut, if this is able to drop the migraines, it's worth it.

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Jul. 18th, 2017 12:39 pm
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The World Broke in Two: Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Forster, and the Year That Changed Literature, by Bill Goldstein. Henry Hold & Company, 2017

1922 was the year that ‘Ulysses’ was published and Proust’s work was translated into English. Willa Cather declared that the world broke in two in that year, because these were literary works that were distinctly different from all that had come before them. These works had effects on other writers, of course- Virginia Woolf said, after reading Proust “Well, what remains to be written after that?” Thankfully, after being unable to write due to illnesses both mental and physical, she found a new voice within her and created both “Jacob’s Room” and “Mrs. Dalloway”.

T.S. Eliot felt trapped by both his day job at a bank and his invalid wife. His own neuroses did not help; he had a great deal of trouble letting go of his new work “The Wasteland” and was an incredible frustration to the people who wanted to publish the poem.

D.H. Lawrence was traveling the world, trying to find a place where he felt he could write in peace. People seemed to be dying to have him stay with them, even though he was quite unreasonable about his situation, wanting to be put up by friends but also wanting to be left strictly alone. During this time he watched censorship battles being fought over his work, and published “Kangaroo” (which I had never heard of) and “Aaron’s Rod”.

E.M. Forster had writer’s block for well over a decade, but in this year managed to finish a book he’d started long before: “A Passage to India”. His life was unhappy; a closeted gay man in an era that did not allow homosexuality, he did not want to suffer the same fate as Oscar Wilde. His mental outlook wasn’t helped by living with his aging, control freak mother.

These four authors were affected by Joyce and Proust, even those who did not like the work they produced. They were also profoundly affected by the recent World War; “The Wasteland” and “Mrs Dalloway” both contain reactions to that.

The entwined biographies of the four, and what they published in 1922, make a good picture of how modernist writing was being created. The book is not fast reading (I tended to skip over a good deal of Eliot’s parts) but it’s good writing and the research is meticulous. Four stars out of five.
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mike went
out with the dogs.
he was looking to
the nest
and the bush shook
so he backed off.

mom called Read more... )
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Whooo, I would like to stop being exhausted. That can happen any time now, thanks.

But despite being woozy and exhausted, I did manage to get some badly-needed household chores done today. Then I changed back into a ruffled nightgown and flopped on the couch, reading vintage gothic romances. I guess that's my version of self-care now? Sure, why not.

I've also been noodling around more on Pinterest (clicky-link!), because having "witchy fashion", "romantigoth" and "chiffon death shrouds" boards is entertaining to me. Yes, I also created a "Gothic Charm School" board (erm, last night), because Thea read me the riot act about not actually having one. (Thea is the person who regularly busts my chops about my not being proactive about self-promotion. Yes, I know I need to be better about it, but that means I have to get over my fear of being self-aggrandizing? Something like that.) So I am going to try to be good about making sure there are pins for new GCS posts and whatnot, in addition to photos and fan art.

I have a couple more clothing alteration projects I want to do:

  • Fine-tune the alterations I'm doing to one of the batwing-hem jackets to turn it into a sleeveless, lace-up overdress thing. I thought I had it finished, but it turned out that taking it in down the back did something weird to the pull across the shoulders, and the resulting tension gave me a headache when I wore it on Friday night. (Not dissimilar to the types of headaches I would get if I wore a halter dress, and it went away as soon as I took the overdress off.)

  • Thea's mum, who is one of the kindest, magical people I know, has given me a stack of vintage (90s is not vintage, dammit!) floral rayon dresses. The ones that were made by Nostalgia or Starina. Apparently the bodices are worn or damaged, but she knows I'll turn the dresses into skirts. (I've developed a weird fondness for black with pink, red, or white florals from those manufacturers, worn with black lace overdresses and giant sunhats. Victorian Garden Witch*? I dunno.)

  • I need to unearth one of the full tiered black cotton skirts, and use it as the base for petticoat necromancy, wherein old chiffon and organza petticoats are cut apart and sewn onto a cotton skirt. Maximum floof underskirt, but with a lightweight, breathable fabric underlayer!

The problem with these clothing alteration projects is that I don't have anyplace right now to leave the sewing machine set up, so I have to drag it out each time I do something, then put it away. And by drag it out and put it away, I mean ask the Stroppy One to do that for me right now, because I have mom's vintage all-metal construction Elna from the early 70s, that thing is HEAVY, and I'm not supposed to crouch down and lift heavy things right now. Which brings me right back to I WOULD LIKE TO STOP FEELING EXHAUSTED ALL THE TIME, THANKS.

*Which reminds me, I found a brand-new pair of Dr. Marten's Triumph 1914 (clicky-link!) boots at Goodwill a few weeks ago. They're super-cute, I just need the weather to cool down a bit before I wear them.

(Seriously, florals? Even with everything else black? When did this happen? I am perplexed. Delighted, but perplexed. Which reminds me, I am contemplating this crushed velvet floral skirt, by Nostalgia (clicky-link!. But I'm not sure about the mix of colors.)
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Lessee, last I wrote, I was feeling better from chiropractic adjustments. That night, I was tripped by a certain large black cat, and fell down a couple of stairs. The bruise on my rear is spectacular. Thankfully, the fall didn't throw my back out again.

The doctor's appointment was good, and I have a follow-up on the 26, so we can go over the results of the x-rays of my upper spine and base of my skull, and the results of the mass of blood tests that are being run. But I kept having milder versions of the migraine that sent me to the ER ... and then on Sunday, the Stroppy One made me switch back to my old glasses (I'd gotten new ones in June), and we have determined that I probably gave myself hellacious eye strain over a few weeks. It is interesting to note that now that I've switched back to my previous glasses, the swings of vertigo and light sensitivity have died down.

And then on Monday, I slid down two stairs again and banged my right arm up. (Not Vlad's fault this time, but my own carelessness.) And the rotten cherry on this sundae of nonsense: all of this has left me exhausted, so I'm not able to get as much done as I want, and therefore I am feeling unproductive and guilty.


But! I got a new Gothic Charm School post written, I did slooooowly manage to get a couple of mending projects done, and the bedroom is still tidy after last month's Great Uncluttering. And I'm sloooowly stepping up my witchy work, because it makes me feel better.

the fish is done, not psychic.

Jul. 14th, 2017 02:27 pm
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woken by a
the sneaks
gave the ID
medical clinic.

my heart goes to this person <3 :8^{
there are so many people who don't fit their body suits.
I had a friend who didn't know he was born with both
possibilities, a victum of a dr's choice.
they had a medical procedure
and found there was an ovary left inside.

well its not a purse
fish hat smile for the camera
reluctant model
Read more... )

yesterday he went to the lake
and started cutting the lawn at the good
neighbor's at his request.
the apple tree reached out and grabbed at him
and pushed his hat over his eyes he did a sharp turn
and the tarp trapped the mower's blades he had to cut it free
then come home to cut it off the blades.
today he's going to tell the land he has permission
to give it a grass cut, it might go better today. grin.

stressa brought us a batch of fruit
what do i do with a batch of mini lemons?
we got plums and good cherries and red/orange peppers.
its the first time in a while she's followed thru
on a promise she waited 2 minutes and ran.
people really expect others to be on the first floor
right inside the door.

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Jul. 13th, 2017 04:13 pm
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Yesterday I posted a joke about Trump being like Henry VIII.

Last night, I dreamt that Henry was very angry with me, and was summoned to his court. There he was, with a few of his wives and some other fancy folks, thoroughly pissed off. He was planning on attacking my house. Last thing I remember was trying to shut and lock all the windows then realizing the futility of that against lances....

this time its not mom on the floor

Jul. 13th, 2017 02:32 am
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reworks of stories.

last nights storms
didn't come till very late.
think theres someone that
has been working very hard to keep
the rain away we watch them disappear
across the Mn boarder or
they split & head north and south.
Then they get worse.
its when the stupid person gets exhausted
we get the weather predicted.

there was a 911 call branches on the power lines
none of the volunteers went- M was too tired.
there was no lines on the ground- not a hazard.

M got a small batch of strawberries from stressa
I discovered them he was thrilled
I found them and rinsed them found she'd
picked out the over ripe ones and a few with mold.
he thought she was being magnanamous -sharing her bounty.
I'd discovered them and was glad I found them & cleaned them before
they got worse. edited the bad ones up and put it in a cake
and sprinkled them with sugar
we had them on the cake for breakfast . yum.

I've been watching a nest in my rutegaria
eggs zoom
was worried they had not made it thru the storm.
I peeked and found 2 of them have hatched !
tiny little pink naked birds with dark blue eyelids
the eyes are half their heads!
no pictures gonna try to put the dogs out the side yard
and avoid going out there it, its officially a nursery.

got it and felt a wet coolness on my neck
and found I had a slug ? a tiny little thing
so delicate and curious. i brought it back outside.

Mike went and started to clean up storm fall at M&D's
its too hot. he came back he'd lost the pager again.
he found it it was under the pile .

I found this on a runway its been rattling in my head
crocheted purse
and I started making a fish decided it need to be a wide mouth fish
the narrow purse is not realistic.
but now its big enough to be a hat. blarg
its huge


2:35 am 
Mom called, dad fell out of bed I can't get him up
can you send mike over? 
M's gone there I'm waiting. 

dad was on all 4's mike could not get him up
-M called for help-2:57 
dad was weak and sweating profusely
but he refused a ride to the  ER.
his vitals were ok once he was back in bed
mom's gonna call to get him a dr appointment tomorrow.

paramedic said it could be drug lag
-left over from his cataract surgery.

only thing he ate today is a bowl of ice cream-?
and its hotter than hell there.
M called 3:01
I stayed out side and helped signal
 the ambulance and first responders
up the driveway.

I found a green tree frog in the road
I did not kiss it, just put him back in the grass

think its time to get serious about going in
and making sure they eat. daily.
not going to let susan's neglect rush them to
being stupid by malnutrition
told death he was late. 

so much for parenting-
Mike's happy he went to be early

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Jul. 12th, 2017 05:44 pm
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Am I the only one who keeps wondering when Trump is going to behead his wife and declare himself head of the country's church?

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Jul. 12th, 2017 05:31 pm
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So, last nights dream adventures had me being pursued by serial killers. First Tim and I spent a night in a room in a big house that was a sort of motel. We were trying to check out and it was really uncomfortable talking with the woman; I felt the need to really praise the place even though it was just a minimal place. We were trying to edge away to the stairs, and then the husband came in. He had a wild look in his eyes. We took off down the stairs and he came after us, trying to grab us. We made it to the street, and were looking for a place to hide. We passed people walking on the street and they just ignored this guy trying to grab us and waving a knife. Finally we did something REALLY stupid and ran in an open door; it just went to a staircase to the basement and like morons we went down... only to meet a big grinning guy with a big bloody ax. Thankfully it ended there.

I think I have gotten all the plants I bought or started this year into the ground! This is a first for me, especially this early in the year.

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