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2017-07-18 12:20 pm

Protect Public Media

"We have less than 24 hours to take action to protect our stations.

Tomorrow, the House Appropriations Committee and the House Budget Committee will vote on legislation that could affect public media funding."

More here.
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2012-04-21 12:28 pm

oh....dear....deleted by accident

Have no idea what I did wrong but several mutual friends were deleted by accident. Sorry about that. Let me know if I MISSED adding anyone. :0 )
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2012-04-20 12:38 am

Deleting friends cleaning house

Removed a bunch of friends from my list that have not posted in more than a year. This journal is now friends only. There will be no more public entries.
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2011-09-24 11:06 am

Back some great causes

In case you have not seen this I ask that you go take a look. They don't have that many days to raise the rest of the funds to make the movie. Great perks for locals donating too.
My Summer as a Goth. After posting this to the Halloween blog several people joined and donated so if you read here too thank you so much! This film could pump some dollars in to our local economy and I really have a good feeling about the production.

Another local project that is so close to being funded is Street Books: A Bicycle-Powered Library for People Outside. they only need $700 more to fund the project with 17 days to go.

Yeah, I know times are tough but this is one of those if you tell 2 friends and they give $5 or $10 it could really make a difference. The arts are taking a big hit in funding and I love that kickstarter is a way to help fund projects.
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2011-08-13 01:04 pm

The Halloween Blog

With the business now closed and this journal reserved for more private things I would like to direct you to my Halloween Blog. Many readers join for just the Halloween season. Halloween goodies I like on the web along with vintage images and articles from my personal collection.

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2011-04-09 10:44 pm

LiveJournal Woes

I clicked on my LJ link and got some russian guys page. This is getting old fast. Trying to find friends with LJ and Dreamwidth accounts to add. Rolling around on the floor with kittens is our nightly routine. Fern loves to ride in the laundry basket. Ivy loves to play with a little plastic frog that we slide along a long sheet of craft paper. Tonight were all sprawled on the bedroom floor watching Oddities on TV. :o )
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2011-04-04 11:10 pm

Changing the world

One Peace at a Time is a movie you have to see. Available on Netflix. Individuals and organizations making a difference in the world. From this movie I found this clever little game at Freerice.com that donates 10 grains of rice for each answer you get right.
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2011-01-10 11:38 am

Looking to trade a pattern

1877 Plain & Striped Zephyr Wool Dress
34 Bust - 20 Waist
This a new uncut Ageless Pattern pattern. I realized after purchasing it that the 1870s are not my style. My heart and big bustle are firmly planted in the 1880s. Can't find my Folkwear 253 Bathing Costume Pattern. Anyone have it and want to trade? This is a public entry so feel free to share if you think someone might be interested.
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2010-12-19 12:29 pm

Its a long shot..need help finding a toy

This is the version I'm looking for of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Made by Milton Bradley its one solid piece.

This is the one readily available made by Hasbro that is a piece of junk in a small box. You have to assemble the game. It has bad reviews.
The annoying thing is some stores use the MB image. So far only FAO Shwartz in NY has it in stock. Used older versions on ebay are going for a pretty penny.
So...if you happen to be out and about and see the MB version the 4 year old great nephew wants it VERY VERY much. I'll pay you plus express shipping.
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2010-10-15 07:16 pm

1940s Boy and Girl in Masks

It wasn't until I had this negative developed that I noticed the puppy!
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2010-10-06 11:41 pm

Portland Halloween Bazaar -Update

OK gang I will NOT be vending at the Halloween Bazaar on Sunday. Filled a van with my store stock and gave it a new home. Many one of a kind goodies. The new owners area fabulous people so please help support them and the bazaar.

Now what I didn't realize until tonight is that Oaks Park is closed on Sunday. So..you know that what that means don't you? Spooky abandoned amusement park! Wandering through a closed park with other Halloween fans...priceless!
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2010-09-25 01:47 pm

Classic Orange and Black

I have had some trouble buying the paper lanterns but Target now has them back in stock on the web site. The paper fans I ordered from partycity.com. They arrived today and they are gorgeous. Both items area made by Amscan and a search will bring up other suppliers. Filling my vaulted ceiling with paper lanterns this year.
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2010-09-21 11:06 am

Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland

Need I say more? If you can't view the video go to Scrapbook.com for the entire line.
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2010-09-19 06:23 pm

Portland Halloween Bazaar 10/10/10

Please join us at the Portland Halloween Bazaar on October 10th. This year I'll be bringing all the retail merchandise we no longer sell on the web site. 20 tubs of Halloween goodies priced at $1, $3, and $5! All of it must go from Noon to 6.

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2010-08-28 07:41 pm

Halloween at Sur La Table

They have a bunch of cute skull items this year. My favorite is the
Silver Skull Timer.

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2010-08-17 11:48 pm

Halloween at Horchow

Love this cake stand and the cloche skulls are back this year.
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2010-08-14 11:41 pm

Almost moved and the Portland Halloween Bazaar

We need movers to get a few big pieces to our new digs and then we are done! Got info today that the Portland Halloween Bazaar will be October 10th. We plan to take some left over inventory and sell it all for $1-$3. The organizers are trying to raise funds for the bazaar and you can learn more by clicking here.
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2010-07-31 06:55 pm

Time is almost up

My apologies for no updates. The move is in progress and I have limited internet access for the next 2 weeks. So many people have asked if we could extend the closing date until after the 1st. More precisely until after pay day! Inventory is SO low I'm not sure there will be much left in another week but I'll keep filling orders until the 6th. Thank you.
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2010-07-19 11:55 pm

Final Shop Closing Discount Code

Order $25 or more and use Discount code Goodbye50 at checkout. Don't forget to click the recalculate button. This is an early discount announcement for blog readers. Thank you again to everyone for calling and writing to tell me how much the shop will be missed.