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Order $25 or more and use Discount code Old40 at checkout. Don't forget to click the recalculate button. This is an early discount announcement for blog readers. My birthday wish was for our house to sell and I got my wish! Things are in motion and we start moving in to our new place in 3 weeks. Thank you for helping me clear out a lot of inventory last week!
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Order $25 or more and use Discount code Vintage30 at checkout. Skipping 25 and going straight to 30% off. Very limited inventory. I will fill your order unless more than 50% of the order is sold out. You will be contacted if more than 50% of your order can not be filled. Clearance will continue through June and then the remaining inventory will be donated to several charity fundraisers in July. This is an early announcement for blog readers. Thank you to everyone who has said such kind things abut shopping with us over the years. I will miss you too!
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Reminder for the locals that the sale is from 9-6. Details on Craigslist. The Martha Stewart Chandelier kit was one of the finds stashed away in the stockroom. There will be 4 kits at the sale. From 5-6 all you can stuff in a box for $3. Ebay auctions are still being listed on a daily basis except this weekend.
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Order $25 or more and use Discount code Orange20 at checkout. Limited availability on most items. We sold out of several paper decorations this week. This is an early 20% off sales notice for blog readers.
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$7,000 is needed to help save historic graves eroding away because of run off from a parking lot at Olivewood Cemetery. As the comments to the article say this is not a unique problem but this cemetery was fortunate enough to get press coverage.

At this time of year many historic cemeteries need volunteers to help with cleanup before Memorial Day. If you can't afford to give cash volunteering at your local cemetery to help preserve the past can make for an interesting afternoon.
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All of last years inventory that didn't make it up on the web site is now on ebay. Great prices with the Buy it Now option. New items will be listed as I dig out the storage room.
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Please visit my about me page for listings. The buy it now price is often 1/4 t a 1/2 of the price for the same or similar items on ebay. If you are new to collecting this is an affordable way to get started. New items listed daily.
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Order $25 or more and use Discount code Ghost15 at checkout. Limited availability on most items. When an item is sold out its gone for good. The store will be closing at the end of July. This is an early 15% off sales notice for blog readers.
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Mark Sunday May 23 as part 2 of the mayhem. The sale will run 9-6 so those attending the Haunt convention in town can come by later in the day. The best part? From 5-6 all you can stuff in a box provided for only $3! The Salem, Oregon Craigslist will have an entry with all the details on Friday May 21. This will be an even bigger sale. Finally sorted through all the craft supplies. Stamps, paper, collage materials, altered art packets, paint, glitter, clay...and more. Boxes of Halloween, costumes, props, bones, and materials.

Image courtesy of Yard Sale Bloodbath a great blog.
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10% off on all purchases of $25 or more. Use discount code Witch10 at checkout.
Limited availability on most items. When an item is sold out its gone for good. The store will be closing at the end of July. We are moving and hope to return with a limited inventory for Halloween 2011.
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Web site for application information is here.
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For the musical opening in 2 weeks. Willing to pick up in Oregon or Washington.
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***public Post***

Display Panels for art show, booth at a festival, or permanent display.

title or description
Panels are 6' 6" and 2 feet wide. 10 panels individually numbered for easy assembly.
The peg board display space is 3' 6" by 2 feet.
7 panel section and separate 3 panel section. Can be arranged in 4, 3, and 3 sections.

Read more... )

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This was a 25 yard bolt of 7/8 inch wide Celtic Trim and it is now around 18 yards. I didn't unwind it all to count it but only a few yards were used on hats. It sells online for $3 a yard. Yours for $20 plus $6.00 priority mail shipping in the USA. Leave an e-mail address and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

We are moving and closing up the major retail portion of the Halloween business. Going to clear out one of a kind pieces of costume stuff in this journal and one of kind Halloween items at the Halloween Blog.
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The Star Trek Action Figures? Next Generation, DS-9, and Voyager. Some Star Wars Power of The Force figures. The Phantom Menace Queen Amidala large dolls and probably more as I dig out boxes. Looking to trade for handmade things I can use like knit or crochet hats or wrist warmers.
Public entry so feel free to share if you know someone who might be interested. Thanks!
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As we eat our fill today food banks were depleted and the demand is great after the holidays. This site will help you find a local food bank or you can donate on the site.
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A plug for our friends who make the adorable Goblins who have a new batch up on


Dec. 5th, 2009 12:31 pm
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For those who don't know a lovely gal has lost her husband to cancer this week and auctions are running to help with expenses at [livejournal.com profile] britgeek_love. You can read more on the user info page. You can also donate items to auction or shop for some great holiday gifts and help out a family. My contribution below:

Up for auction is a handmade hawk mask here.
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Selling some of my personal collection of vintage holiday photos on ebay.

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